Welcome to the foot reflexology awareness association
a non-profit corporation
Foot Reflexology Awareness Association (F.R.A.A.) was established
in 1981 and became incorporated in 1983. Its membership is nationwide.
At F.R.A.A. meetings, demonstrations are held to show proper techniques.
Guest lecturers speak about reflexology and other holistic ways to
improve health and well-being.
Persons desiring to become reflexologists or just interested in learning
the latest information on the Ingham method are encouraged to attend
our meetings, as well as become members.
Guest lecturers are available from F.R.A.A. to speak to and demonstrate
techniques on how to improve your health.
F.R.A.A. acts as a network of information from international and national
sources on the latest techniques, methods and resource materials available.
The stated purposes of F.R.A.A:

1. To research for advanced information and develop greater skills and abilities
2. To establish standardization in the field
3. To enhance the awareness of the potential significance of foot reflexology
to our body